Brexit update

When the UK leaves the European Union at the end of the Brexit Transition Period, 31st December 2020, our primary aim is to ensure this does not impact patient access to our medicines.

We understand this change may cause uncertainty for individuals and would like to reassure those concerned about the many steps AbbVie has taken to prepare for the 1st January 2021:

  • Following the UK’s decision to leave the European Union AbbVie has been working with a range of stakeholders across the UK and Europe to take all the necessary steps to plan for undisrupted supply of medicine to patients at the end of the transition period
  • We have completed a number of supply, logistics and procedural activities to ensure we continue to meet our obligations to UK and EU regulatory bodies and authorities
  • We have developed robust contingency plans and continue to update these as need dictates. These plans cover the range of our activities including the supply of medicines, clinical research and medicine development activity and all steps to support patient safety

AbbVie is following the advice of the UK Government and EU authorities and working with the NHS, amongst others, on these plans.

If you have any concerns relating to your own situation and any medicine(s) you may have been prescribed, it is recommended that you engage with your healthcare team on these matters.