Our operations roles are responsible for the manufacture and distribution worldwide of AbbVie’s on-market and pipeline products.

Facilitate Growth

As part of our team, you’ll ensure our products meet or exceed local and national safety and quality requirements. Our careers in operations offer a high degree of scale and opportunities to excel. Working in some of the world’s most technically advanced facilities; plus, you’ll be supported by an extensive team of highly knowledgeable and talented scientific, business and technical experts.

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Our Operations Roles

  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Quality
  • Science & technology
  • Supply chain
  • Pharmacy solutions
  • Purchasing

In their own words

“The best thing about working at AbbVie is the unwavering focus it has on the patients we all serve. We are regularly reminded of our responsibility to our patients, and it provides the drive to resolve even the most difficult of challenges.”

Carl Ford, UK Finance Controller

Carl is the Commercial Controller in the UK and leads the Commercial Operations team. His team ensures hiqh quality medicines reach the customers and patients at the right time. He was drawn to AbbVie by the focus it has on the patient and the world class medicines it offers.

Carl Ford, UK Finance Controller