Our Oncology Innovation

We are investing continuously in science that ensures greater precision and transforms how some cancers are treated and managed.

There's Innovation in Everything we do

We are currently evaluating over 20 investigational medicines for more than 20 types of solid tumours and blood cancers. Through our significant UK clinical trial investment, UK patients will play a key role in helping us bring a wide range of innovative cancer medicines into routine use across the NHS. We strive to deliver transformative therapies that uniquely combine our deep and evolving knowledge in core areas of biology with our experience in cutting-edge technologies.

 Our 6 core areas of biology – apoptosis, targeted cell signaling, DNA damage, cancer stem cells, immuno-oncology and epigenetics – evaluate the science of cancer growth and progression.

 Our 4 core technologies – antibody drug conjugates (ADC) / empowered antibodies, dual-variable domain immuno-globulins (DVD) / bi-specifics, small molecules and T-cell receptors – are being applied to discover potential cutting-edge cancer therapies with unique biology.