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Grants, Donations & Charitable Contributions

We are committed to having a remarkable impact by going beyond medicines.

Read more for information about applying for a grant or charitable donation from AbbVie UK. A link to the application form can be found at the foot of this page.

Guidance for Applicants

AbbVie is committed to having a remarkable impact by going beyond medicines. If you would like to apply to AbbVie for a grant or charitable donation for a cause that meets our requirements, we would like to hear from you.

We are committed to supporting health-based projects undertaken by Healthcare Organisations or Charitable Institutions that deliver education or health based projects and/or projects that support the local community (Maidenhead, UK). Please see the definitions below for further information on what constitutes a Healthcare Organisation and Charitable Institution.

All eligible applications are reviewed by a committee and we aim to notify all applicants on the outcome of their application directly via email. The committee meets five times a year.  

Interested parties can download the application form below which contains further details and relevant criteria.

In order to give your application the best chance of success, applicants should consider the following guidance:

  • Please ensure that you complete all fields and include all relevant information in the fields provided and any other information which you think will support your application
  • Provide a full breakdown of funding where possible
  • If you are applying for a charitable donation, please be advised AbbVie is only able to consider registered charities
  • Given the high volume of applications we receive and our desire to support as many good causes as possible, it is a general preference of the Committee to provide funding to specific defined initiatives, activities or projects
  • Funding for salary and core operating costs are not permitted.
  • Unfortunately we will not be able to consider incomplete application forms
  • Please note that your application will only be approved once you have received an email confirmation that confirms a positive decision
  • If you have any further questions regarding the process, kindly email the committee at

Information for Applicants

We will make public declarations about any grant/donation to a Healthcare Organisation or Charitable Institution that we have engaged with to provide financial support. This includes, but is not limited to, declarations on this website.

Funding in any given calendar year is limited and only projects where the content of the project is wholly controlled by an independent organisation and where AbbVie has no input or influence over the content are eligible.

Applications are reviewed from February to October only. Any application received following October's cut-off will be reviewed the following year if applicable. 

Please note that grants and donations to Healthcare Organisations cannot be exclusively linked to the use of AbbVie products and the application form must be independently completed without the input or influence of an AbbVie employee.

Download Application Form


Healthcare Organisations: Healthcare, medical or scientific association or organisation such as a hospital, clinic, foundation, university or other teaching institution or learned society whose business address, place of incorporation or primary place of operation is in Europe or an organisation through which one or more health professionals or other relevant decision makers provide services.

Charitable Institution: Any not-for-profit institution which does not fulfil the definition of a healthcare organisation.

Patient Organisations: not-for-profit organisations (including the umbrella organisations to which they belong), mainly composed of patients and/or caregivers, that represent and/or support the needs of patients, their families and/or caregivers.