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Accessing the Future of Better Care, Quicker

What is the Future of Better Care?

Supporting patients to Access The Future of Better Care, Quicker (FOBC) is a platform that focuses on how AbbVie is working towards helping to secure better outcomes for patients, and a sustainable NHS, through a focus on the benefits of early interventions and access to treatment. This spans multiple different issues, from approval processes through to diagnosis and funding. The common thread through all is a focus on getting patients access to the latest treatments at the right time and ensuring it can be done sustainably, which will both be better for patients and for the NHS.

Accessing the Future of Better Care, Quicker

How our innovations are helping to shape a more sustainable healthcare ecosystem.

Encompassing the ethos of FOBC

With the NHS facing complex challenges, its primary goal is to achieve the best health outcomes it can from the resources it has, whilst remaining free at the point of delivery.
Due to the NHS’s finite resources, it is crucial that value is at the heart of its decision making – ensuring decisions are practical and sustainable whilst also maximising the benefits for patients and populations.

AbbVie supports the aims of the NHS Long Term Plan, continuing to work as a partner in providing innovative solutions to ensure outcomes improve for patients, especially in areas such as HCV, cancer, immunology and respiratory care.

Within oncology, through innovative partnering and collaboration, we are focused on delivering the Future of Better Care, Quicker for patients through the intelligent use of data. For example, AbbVie are part of one of the largest efforts to create human genetic data – the sequencing of the genes of 500,000 volunteers from the United Kingdom by a consortium of pharmaceutical companies. With earlier diagnosis not only saving the lives of thousands of patients each year, a more targeted screening processes will also improve the allocation of NHS cancer resources.1

We are also proud to be piloting early innovation for musculoskeletal conditions. Amongst the pilot projects we support is the UK’s first early intervention clinic for people signed off work with a musculoskeletal condition. It reduces waits for specialist referral from weeks to days and is informing the commissioning of a new MSK pathway by CCGs in Leeds.2 With such conditions placing a major health burden on the UK population, improvement in access to early interventions for patients means better treatment, reduced risk of co-morbidities, increased self- management of the condition as well as a larger number of patients likely to stay in or return to work.

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1 Forbes article on AbbVie Biobank investment, January 2018

2 EIC – roadmap for Sustainable Healthcare