Clinician Decision Guide

Decisions with Value - A Whole System Approach to Healthcare

How can this guide help?

This practical guide will help clinicians, GPs and other front-line HCPs develop value-based business cases to drive change from the grassroots up. But creating a compelling business case is only half the story – so you’ll also gain valuable tips on convincing providers and commissioners to approve, prioritise and allocate resources to make your proposal a reality.

The guide also examines potential challenges to Decisions with Value, along with examples of typical barriers you may face. Plus links to tools and case studies you can use to overcome these challenges, such as: 

• The RAPID Framework Tool to help you gain a necessary consensus to implement change

• A disinvestment impact assessment tool to build a case for intervention to funding or a redirection of resources

• The NICE Guideline on Medicines Optimisation to determine how to improve use of medicines by patients

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