Provider Value Guide

Decisions with Value - a Whole System Approach to Healthcare

How can this guide help?

This practical guide will help procurement, financial and management teams better incorporate value into their decision-making processes. For example, you’ll gain insights into how to keep your local clinical workforce sufficiently involved, while also taking into account decisions made by commissioners.

The guide includes relevant case studies and processes to help you drive value based decisions across entire health economies. Plus links to useful tools and templates to help you overcome some typical barriers to change, such as:

• A ready-to-use business case from the NHS National Innovation Centre to help convince commissioners of the necessary costs of a procedure, product or value investment

• Use of the Socio-Technical Allocation of Resources (STAR) to identify which costs and outcomes can be measured or estimated at the present time

• The Programme Budgeting and Marginal Analysis tool to help allocate resources within a budget and across departments or organisations

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