Frequently Asked Questions

All entries received will be acknowledged.  Entries will then be reviewed by the Awards secretariat, Incisive Health, who will check they cover all the judging criteria (challenge, objective, strategy etc.) and score them against the judging criteria.

A shortlist of five entries per category will be sent to the Judging Panel for a full review, along with the Executive Summaries for all entries (both shortlisted and un-shortlisted). Following a review of the Executive Summaries, Judges may request that additional entries are also shortlisted.

The secretariat will contact all shortlisted entrants and invite them to provide additional supplementary information or materials (e.g. video, patient testimonies, leaflets etc.) for consideration. This is not a requirement.

The Judges will individually review and score all shortlisted entries and supplementary material. They will then meet as a Panel to go through all the shortlisted entries together and reach a consensus on the finalists and winners. If a consensus cannot be reached, the Chair of the Judging Panel will have the casting vote.

The finalists will be invited to a reception in central London at which the winners will be announced. 

  • Judges will use the following criteria in assessing each entry:
  • Has an unmet area of need been clearly identified?
  • Does the entry show a clear link between strategy, objectives, tactics and outcomes?
  • Is there evidence of partnership working?
  • Does the entry demonstrate patient engagement or feedback?
  • What lessons have been learned from the project, particularly regarding scalability?
  • Awards open for submissions: Tuesday 17 April 2018
  • Closing date for submissions: Friday 10 August2018, 5pm
  •  Shortlisted entrants contacted: Friday 31st August 2018
  •  Finalists notified: Friday 14 September 2018
  •  Winners announced at the Awards reception at Parliament,  November 2018 

All entries will be acknowledged by the secretariat. Due to the volume of applications expected, we are unfortunately unable to provide feedback on entries that are not shortlisted. If you do not hear back by Friday 31st August, please assume that your submission has been unsuccessful on this occasion.

The secretariat will contact all shortlisted entrants inviting them to submit supplementary information for consideration by the Judging Panel. The secretariat will then contact finalists following the meeting of the Judging Panel. Feedback will be shared with shortlisted submissions that are not selected as finalists.

Previous winners of the Awards can be found here

If you have more questions regarding the Awards, please contact