Responsible Research

We maintain high standards of quality, safety and transparency at all stages of research, including bioethics, clinical trial conduct, new technology use and animal welfare.

A scientist at our site in Sligo, Ireland.

Conducting Our Business to the Highest Standards of Bioethics

Our biomedical principles are part of our strict corporate policies. They focus on responsible pharmaceutical research, including safeguarding volunteers and patients who participate in clinical trials.

We adhere to our strict principles and policies—even when local law stipulates a less robust approach. AbbVie has high standards of quality, safety and transparency at all stages, in all countries where we conduct trials. Read more about our clinical trials, post-marketing commitments, access to investigational drugs and transparency policy.

AbbVie’s bioethical principles are consistent with the World Medical Association Declaration of Helsinki.

Ensuring Humane Care and Use of Lab Animals in Our R&D Programmes

We recognise that high-quality science and humane animal care are inseparable. That’s why we’re devoted to ensuring the humane care and use of laboratory animals in our research and development programs. AbbVie’s laboratory animal research programmes and facilities meet and consistently exceed U.S. and EU regulations, as well as those in other countries, as applicable. AbbVie voluntarily sought and maintains accreditation from AAALAC for all animal programmes. For outsourced studies, we preferentially work with contract laboratories accredited by AAALAC and/or we perform welfare assessments to ensure they meet our high standards for animal care and use. Since 2001, AbbVie has partnered with several agencies on a dog adoption programme for retired research dogs.

Minimizing Animal Testing Led by AbbVie Committees

While animal testing remains part of advancing health care research, AbbVie works to minimize the number of tests by using new methods and programmes that minimize the need for animal participation. We are committed to internationally accepted standard of the 3Rs (replacement, reduction and refinement). The AbbVie Alternatives Committee leads this effort and its annual internal awards promote significant contribution to improving welfare of laboratory animals. AbbVie’s Global Animal Welfare Committee guides our policies on animal use, and our Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees serve as review boards to independently evaluate and approve scientific protocols. Non-affiliated members from the community comprise 20% of this committee to represent the public view.