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Your health is our priority.

Nothing is more important to us than the health and well-being of patients.

We are passionate about translating science into effective medicines that transform lives around the globe. We deliver life-improving, high-quality therapies and tailored support programs that put patients and customers first. With a relentless drive towards innovation that can create measurable change, we invest in the discovery of new medicines to solve serious health issues and enhance people’s lives.

Shared Decision Making

‘Shared decision making’ (SDM) ensures that individuals are supported, by their healthcare partners, to make decisions about their care or treatment that are right for them. AbbVie, is working in partnership with the wider healthcare community, continues to raise the profile of patient involvement.


Bridging the Gap

Our Bridging the Gap work looks at global trends in the development of medicines and access processes. The series of reports set out recommended policy solutions that aim to help create a more accessible pathway to ensure patients can get access to new innovative treatments quicker.




Our Stories

Explore stories about science, patients and those we work with for the greater good 




April  2023