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Accessing the Future of Better Care, Quicker

What is the Future of Better Care?

The need to secure better outcomes for patients has never been greater, and the COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges to the way NHS care is delivered.

Responding to a challenge of this magnitude requires collaboration from across the health landscape, and AbbVie believes that all health stakeholders have a valuable role to play in working together to support the NHS recovery, build resilience in the system and elevate standards of care for the future.

Supporting individuals with health conditions to Access The Future of Better Care, Quicker (FOBC) focuses on how AbbVie is working in partnership with health stakeholders to contribute to this urgent goal.

Accessing the Future of Better Care, Quicker

See how we strive to support patients to access The Future of Better Care, Quicker. 

The Future of Better Care in a post-pandemic future

A key part of the recovery is the redesign of NHS services – how, when and where individuals with a health condition access their care. The pandemic has been a catalyst for huge innovation across the NHS already, and maintaining that momentum is paramount.

AbbVie believes we can support the NHS to achieve and exceed pre-pandemic service levels. We are working tirelessly to support the NHS Restart in a number of ways:

Connecting stakeholders towards a unified NHS Restart

AbbVie is using its network to bring health stakeholders together to identify core priorities, debate solutions and gain consensus on the way forward.

AbbVie collaborated with Public Policy Projects to explore the different ways in which the NHS has reacted to the pandemic with innovative service redesign for people living with long term conditions. The findings were published in a report that proposed reforms in both policy and practice, to transform the management of the 14 million people living in the UK with a long-term condition.

The report can be accessed here.

Harnessing the potential of shared decision-making

Our ongoing work to see shared decision making (SDM) widely adopted across NHS services has accelerated in light of the pandemic. To ensure that future services meet the needs of patients, individuals must play an active role in the way those services are redesigned, and in how they access treatment.

Drawing on stakeholder expert insights, AbbVie has produced a policy report that draws on the findings of our SDM consultation, explores the impact of COVID-19 and calls for change to help involve patients across the NHS in treatment and care decisions.

The report, and details of our wider work to bring SDM to the forefront with NHS stakeholders and policymakers can be found here.

Supporting skills development and wellbeing across the NHS workforce

Widening access to CPD for frontline staff

Feedback we’ve received from clinical teams has suggested that professional development has declined over the past year as a result of the pandemic. AbbVie supports medical education across a number of medical disciplines, as well as the ongoing dissemination of the latest clinical developments. Through a clinically led faculty across inflammatory conditions, AbbVie facilitates best practice sharing across the NHS and provides accessible CPD accredited content for time-poor frontline staff, to maintain scientific knowledge and clinical best practices. Since the start of the pandemic, AbbVie’s Immunology and Oncology Medical teams have provided >2000 CPD accredited hours of educational sessions to UK HCPs.

Promoting the wellbeing of the workforce

The impact of the pandemic on the people that work in the NHS is often forgotten, and yet the physical and mental legacy left by the pandemic on NHS staff has the potential to hinder NHS Restart if it is not addressed.

AbbVie put NHS Staff front and centre during a sponsored session at the 2021 NHS Confederation Conference, titled “The Inside Out Approach to developing Personal Resilience: Helping You Make Mindful Choices to Support the NHS Recovery”. The session was hosted by Dr Nerina Ramalkhan, physiologist and sleep expert, and focused on giving practical insights and strategies for developing personal resilience to teams from across the NHS who attended the session.

This is a subject that is relevant to all of us as we start our own personal journeys towards recovery after the pandemic, and excerpts from the session can be accessed below:

  1. Powerful Choices From Inside Out                         5. Protect The Quality Of Your Sleep 
  2. Work And Rest                                                              6. Pay Attention To The Mad Monkey 
  3. Remember The Good                                                 7. Don't Forget Joy 
  4. Reach Out                                                                      8. Be Thankful For Sleep         




Driving wider debate around the Future of Better Care

Our work to create a Future of Better Care, Quicker, goes beyond the pandemic and encompasses the many challenges and opportunities within the health landscape that impact how the NHS responds to the changing needs of patients.

AbbVie has partnered with a number of leading UK publications to sponsor podcast briefings that bring together health leaders to discuss and debate some of the pressing issues in health. These briefings can be accessed here:

National Health Executive

Finger on the Pulse Podcast episode 17 – Patient Power

Antonis Papasolomontos, Director of External AbbVie, Rachel Power, Patients’ Association & David Pilbury, Lead Physiotherapist & Clinical Specialist, Rheumatology at MSK Pennine Partnerships Ltd. talk about shared decision-making within the NHS.

The Spectator – podcast briefings

Brexit Britain: the opportunities and pitfalls for British healthcare
AbbVie speaks alongside the Rt. Hon Jeremy Hunt, former Health Secretary, and Sarah Neville, Pharmaceutical Correspondent at the Financial Times.

Playing catch-up: getting on top of cancer waiting lists
AbbVie’s Dr Neil Pumford, Asset Strategy Lead for Oncology, speaks with, amongst others, Professor Gordon Wishart, Chief Executive of Check4Cancer and Professor Peter Johnson, NHS England’s Clinical Director for Cancer.

It’s all about You: building a patient-centred NHS
Todd Manning, General Manager, AbbVie UK and special guests Charlotte Augst, Chief Executive, National Voices and Sir Jim Mackey, Chief Executive of the Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.

Securing a Future of Better Care for people living with cancer

AbbVie is participating in a number of cutting-edge initiatives that are harnessing the incredible potential of data to better understand the genomic basis of cancer and open up new directions in its treatment.

UK Biobank

AbbVie is one of six pharmaceutical companies pooling resources to fund exome sequencing of 500,000 people via the UK Biobank and making the data available to researchers around the world. The initial investment from AbbVie was $10 million. The UK Biobank collaboration aims to make human exome data available to support health researchers in understanding disease biology and identifying new risk factors and promising new drug targets. ​


AbbVie is an industry partner in HARMONY, a Public-Private Partnership established in January 2017. Its mission is to unlock and spread valuable knowledge on hematologic malignancies amongst a large number of stakeholders, with the goal to harness and mine “big data” to speed up the development of improved treatments for patients and more effective treatment strategies. ​

   August 2021