With the Allergan acquisition, we are bringing together over 30 brands and leadership positions to expand and diversify our product portfolio, whilst advance our innovative science pipeline that brings patients ground breaking medicines across a wide spectrum of therapeutic need/critical therapeutic areas.

We continue to build a sustainable company for the long term that will continue to make a remarkable impact on people’s lives. The acquisition of Allergan is a transformative move for AbbVie that will expand our reach to help address the needs of people and communities around the world. 

Two AbbVie doctors wearing goggles and holding vials

Advancing our mission

Learn how the acquisition of Allergan allows us to better serve patients today and invest in medicines of the future.


AbbVie is currently reviewing all content on Allergan.com.  As we work through the successful integration of Allergan and consolidation of content, information will be updated.

The Facts: AbbVie

Today, more than ever, we are well-positioned with resources and focus to deliver on our commitments and turn possibilities into reality for more patients. 

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May 2020