A Whole System Approach to Healthcare

We asked NHS experts – how can we get the greatest improvements in health outcome? 



Making Possibilities Real

Our employees work every day to discover and address many of the world's most pressing health challenges.

About AbbVie

We’re a company that takes on the toughest health challenges. But we do more than treat diseases—we aim to make a remarkable impact on people’s lives. We are AbbVie, a highly focused research-driven biopharmaceutical company.


Science and innovation are the lifeblood of our company. But we’re doing more than developing medicines that perform well in the lab—we’re elevating the current standard of care to bring greater benefits to our patients.

Promoting great ideas for a better NHS

The NHS is precious. Everyone in healthcare has a role to ensure it can deliver the best for us all. We are working with a wide range of organisations across all sectors to support and test out new ways of making our health service more effective and responsive