Future of Immunology

AbbVie's deep expertise in immunology has been the result of our commitment to innovation and world-class science over the last two decades, powered by an unstoppable passion for investigating solutions to improve patient care across a variety of autoimmune diseases.

Immunology: A legacy of changing lives

Our relentless drive to discover promising new immunology pathways and targets is inspired and guided by those whose lives are touched by immune-mediated diseases. Our current successes motivate us to continue that exploration, sharpening our focus as we strive to impact their disease and their evolving expectations for a life better-lived.

An older man and women looking down at a tablet.

People Powered Expertise

The remarkable skills and dedication of more than 8,000
employees across eight research and 14 manufacturing centres around the world have built our foundational experience in immunology, all the while expanding our research to help even more patients living with immune-mediated diseases.

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Pioneers in Science

Our goal is to identify therapeutic approaches that may have a remarkable impact for patients everywhere. We invest in groundbreaking science and technologies to deliver these innovative new medicines.

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Immunology Focus Areas

We continue to pursue progress with an extensive immunology portfolio across rheumatology, dermatology and gastroenterology. Our ongoing research into a variety of approaches such as small molecules and new biologic therapies enables us to remain focused on helping patients achieve their treatment goals.  

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