Tackling Some of Oncology's Toughest Challenges

We are focused on developing and accelerating access to therapies which improve patient outcomes in a selected set of debilitating and widespread cancers. 

Tackling Some of the Toughest Challenges in Oncology

With the incidence of cancer set to continuously rise over the coming years, cancer represents a complex and unrelenting healthcare challenge.1,2  The UK still lags behind Europe when it comes to cancer patient outcomes and access to innovative treatments.2

Our vision is to transform patient outcomes and experiences in some of the most debilitating cancers through our rich and innovative pipeline of cancer therapies. We are not afraid to venture into areas where others have failed. By working collaboratively with the NHS and cancer community, we want UK cancer patients to receive the highest quality care in Europe, living well and for longer. Ultimately, we want patients one day to be offered a cure.

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